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UES初個展ARTTYPE at.Gold Coastにご来場下さった皆様、誠にありがとうございました。

Thank you for everyone who came to the first solo exhibition ARTTYPE. The next solo exhibition will be held in the fall of this year. Details will be updated from time to time. Stay tuned!!!

鋭い知識や経験、風刺を含み長い年月をかけ世代から世代へと言い伝えられてきた「ことわざ」。約4万種類ある中から自ら好きな「ことわざ」を選出し、ひらがな文字に習い五十音順に制作。17年目のART活動の中で未知の領域だった活字を絵に変える表現。自分の頭のフィルターを通し、これまでとは全く違う制作方法で、自身初となる個展をここGold Coastにて開催いたします。

Over time, through the combination of sharp knowledge, experiences and satire, what we call “proverbs” are formed. These sayings have been heard, learnt and passed through generations to generations and still stick with me today. Out of the 40,000 types of Japanese proverbs, I chose the ones I like most for this exhibition, changing kanji into hiragana and sorting them out alphabetically. Art is commonly connected to visuals, however I wanted to portray that art is not limited to visuals. Words and writing can also be art. Since making art for 17 years, this is the first time I am going out of the boundaries, and stepping into something new. I have gone against my brain’s filter, to create a unique style of art, which will be exhibited for the first time on the Gold Coast.

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